Robert S. Katz


CEO & Executive Director

Robert S. Katz, real rocket scientist by day and firefighter-paramedic rescue-diver by night, remains probably the most influential innovation inventor, technology tactician, and solution strategist you may have never heard of. Working for decades quietly behind the scenes throughout the Defense and Intelligence Communities, his game-changing and gestalt-shifting breakthroughs of yesterday can mistakenly be taken for granted as ubiquitously omnipresent today. Groundbreaking examples of his global mobile systems include the first platforms for cyber defending, email messaging, aircraft tracking, video conferencing, personnel geolocating, and performance monitoring. An early evangelist for cyber protection, Robert proudly pioneered programs for cyber orchestrating, search-and-rescuing, climate mapping, Space Telescope imaging, and the universe’s first autonomous vehicle navigating. He led architecture and capture on multiple billion-dollar cyber contracts to construct capacity, resiliency, and protection for the entire U.S. Executive Branch, especially within the Pentagon, NSA, CIA, FBI, NGA, DEA, DHS, and USCYBERCOM, as well as for top enterprise brands and multinational corporations.

Robert intricately integrates his multi-disciplinary methodologies by fusing his three full undergraduate majors in Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science together with his Minor in Chemistry. He further adds his Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering doctorial research in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, which he had the foresight to conduct as far back as 1988. Finally, he tops off his fused frameworks with his foci into Cosmology and the Philosophy of Science.

Besides his nachas bragging on his cherished children, Robert likewise boasts incessantly about his service as an MIT foot soldier in the Regan Revolution. His leadership in the Star Wars Strategic Defense Initiative, presciently Iron Dome’s grandfather, blazed the trail to establish today’s field of cybersecurity. Ultimately, his Star Wars securing of cyberspace patriotically helped “tear down this wall,” conquered the dark side, triumphed in the Cold War, and liberated 300 million from torturous totalitarianism and crooked communism…without firing a shot.