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Jenna Bryant


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Embedded Ventures


General Partner


BS– California State University, Northridge


Jenna Bryant is a venture capitalist and creative professional with a unique and diverse background.

Jenna’s career began in an unexpected way. Originally aspiring to be a dancer, she moved from Alabama to Los Angeles. To pay the bills, she started working in recruiting. Simultaneously, she appeared on television shows like Sleepy Hollow on FOX and The Detour on TBS.


Jenna excelled at pairing early-stage startups with highly sought-after engineers. Her success in deep-tech recruiting laid the foundation for her future ventures.


In 2020, Jenna co-founded Embedded Ventures alongside her talented partner, Jordan Noone. This next-generation venture capital firm focuses on “Dual-use Space Startups Beyond Launch.” Their unique investment approach has earned them the nickname “the skunkworks of Venture Capital.” Embedded Ventures collaborates with the United States Space Force (USSF)'s SpaceWERX office, promoting U.S. space industry growth and defense interests.


Jenna is also the Co-Founder of KittyCAD, a company incubated by Embedded Ventures. KittyCAD builds hardware design infrastructure for the internet, making them the world’s first and only company to do so.


Jenna and Jordan’s atypical industry experiences, combined with their passion for the communities they represent, form the thesis of Embedded Ventures. The firm invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups focused on space operations, digital engineering, and advanced manufacturing. Their portfolio includes companies like AKASH SYSTEMS, INVERSION SPACE, KITTYCAD, CHROMATIC, SLINGSHOT, and SKYRYSE.


Embedded Ventures collaborates with the USC Viterbi School of Engineering on Project Payload. Through this program, middle school-aged girls authentically experience STEM careers by designing rockets, payloads, and satellites.


Jenna believes that the past does not define the future, and nonlinear careers are becoming the norm. Her journey from dancer to venture capitalist exemplifies this. She’s a trailblazer in the tech industry, channeling her diverse experiences into tech-centric careers.

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