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Premier Partner


Kyri Tsircou

Kyri Tsircou

Tsircou Law, PC

4500 Park Grenada

Suite 202

Calabasas, CA 91302





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Please welcome our Premier Partner Kyri Tsicou.


He is one of the nation's leading attorneys specializing in intellectual property & patent law.  Even more notable, he is a proud U.S. Air Force veteran.


After obtaining his degree in Astronautical Engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, he served as a USAF officer while simultaneously attending the prestigious Loyola Law School.


He led research & development relating to satellites, as well as space systems and communication networks. His life's passion is deep space and helping entrepreneurs and companies build and protect their invaluable ideas and products in the exciting space sector.


Most recently he was honored for his commitment to space, and those protecting it, by the Space Force Association which invited him to join its SFA National Advisory Council.

Kyri's Services



I’ve been leading clients through the process of securing patent rights in the United States & throughout the world for twenty-two years. I work with clients who have a broad array of goals for their patents. With a vast understanding of clients' ever-changing needs, I construct a tailored patenting strategy to align with your business objectives. I’m an expert at building & executing processes for identifying innovations, securing patent rights for those innovations, and developing a patent portfolio that best protects my clients. Representative services relating to patent procurement include:

- Patentability opinions
- U.S. and foreign patent preparation and prosecution
- Patent portfolio development and maintenance

Trademark Clearance



I counsel clients how to best protect trademarks, service marks & trade dress. To that end, we research potential marks for conflicting third-party rights. Once cleared, we proceed with securing the mark through domestic & foreign registrations. My firm is very experienced in filing & prosecuting trademark applications through the USPTO & for the added convenience of clients, we also utilize a network of foreign attorneys to secure registration throughout the world.



My firm evaluates clients' products to ensure they do not infringe patents held by others. During this process, we perform an in-depth study of relevant patents within the specified field in order to assess the scope of coverage, validity, and enforceability.


Through our efforts, your company will have the utmost confidence that its new product does not infringe the patents of others. If necessary, we will suggest alternative product features to alleviate infringement concerns. Additionally, we assist clients in monetizing intellectual property rights, through enforcement and licensing. Representative services relating to client counseling include:

- Patent infringement and validity opinions
- Right to Use evaluations
- Patent avoidance designs
- Licensing of intellectual property assets



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